Group of Global Investors Operating under the auspices of Mongolia Council on Commerce and Industry acquires the private equity of Mongolia-based mining companies, which have proven deposits and appropriate licenses.


Direct investment flow in the Mongolian mining sector and metals -- namely precious, non-ferrous and rare metals.


Global communication in business and promote co-operation with and in Mongolia at a national level.


Mongolia Council on Commerce and Industry offers:

Strategic engagement to professional private, corporate investors in the mining and processing of nonferrous, rare and precious metals.

Delivering its clients with a highly profitable use of capital in the real economy.


During the years of 2015 to 2022, the global marketplace entered a new phase of economic development: market participants began taking on new forms of international economic cooperation instead of classical investment models . As a result, both institutional and private investors were to face new fundamentals in money-making:

Developing approaches to explore new territories and opportunities abroad.

The new era of international investment has hailed countries in the East a global priority for business partnerships.

Given the present international conditions and geo-political factors we here at the Council focus on strengthening the global impact of Central Asia (Mongolian) business hub, maintaining communication with trusted business partners. As you can see from our contact information, the Council has completely relocated to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Clearly, we have at least 8 years of hard word behind our name, thus we cannot disregard achievements reached before Feb. 24, 2022. The strategic goal is to establish and maintain a flow of investment in both directions while co-operating with the business partners.

A New Era of Mongolia Global Relations: Geopolitics and Business

Mongolia Council on Commerce and Industry (Council/MCCI) is a new organization established in 2020 initiated by its Chairman Vladislav Maxovich Portnov. The goal of MCCI is to boost and facilitate trade and investment between Mongolia and the two countries, assist dialogue and partnerships between business representatives of partner-countries, provide advocacy to its members before respective governments of the countries. The Council, among others is seeking opportunities to promote educational and cultural exchanges among the nations, including partnership programs with and in the UK, Australia, Poland.
This type of initiative was sought after and missing for a long period of time after decades of intensive brotherly cooperation between Soviet Union and Mongolia in economy and culture, not mentioning politics. The Council is aiming to fill the vacuum and continue the legacy of the synergy of the economic exchange that existed not so long ago.