Mongolian Mining United Investment Company acquires the private equity of Mongolia-based mining companies, which have proven deposits and appropriate licenses.

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Direct investment flow in the Mongolian mining sector and metals -- namely precious, non-ferrous and rare metals.


Russian-Mongolian communication in business and promote co-operation at a national level.


Mongolian Mining United Investment Company LLC offers:

Strategic engagement to professional private, corporate investors in the mining and processing of nonferrous, rare and precious metals.

Delivering its clients with a highly profitable use of capital in the real economy.


During the years of 2010 to 2014, the global marketplace entered a new phase of economic development: market participants began taking on new forms of international economic cooperation instead of classical investment models . As a result, both institutional and private investors were to face new fundamentals in money-making:

Developing approaches to explore new territories and opportunities abroad.

The new era of international investment has hailed countries in the East a global priority for business partnerships.

Given the present international conditions, projects that strengthen Russian-Asian business relations are favored and supported on a national level. The strategic goal is to establish and maintain a flow of investment in both directions.

A New Era of Russian-Mongolian Relations: Geopolitics and Business

2017 is marked by a number of events that influenced the geopolitical map of the world, including Eurasia. This year marked a new stage of relations between Central Asia and Russia—a relationship that the East has been interested in for several years.

At the end of June 2017 the President of Mongolia became Khaltmaagiin Battulga and from the first days of operation his foreign policy has indicated a readiness to improve cooperation between our countries.

President Putin’s visit to Mongolia on September 1, 2019, clearly was a pivotal point in Russia-Mongolia cooperation, which has significantly boosted Russia’s growing involvement in Mongolia, especially in such sectors as infrastructure, mining, heavy industry, and corporate finance.

Here at Mongolian Mining United Investment Company, we make transactions happen: involving hands-on, international investors, and mining businesses in Mongolia and Yakutia. We also welcome private non-mining investors desiring to diversify and strengthen their existing portfolio.

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